My Story 

There is magic and alchemy in a good story,  and what we can learn from them is universal.

I began making my first connections to story in the early days of my childhood. Raised in my mother's in-home daycare, where my imagination could run free and unencumbered, stories have always surrounded me. They continue to bring wonder into the classrooms where I teach.

I knew from the moment I began my career in education that this was my true calling and so was my penchant for storytelling. I continue to work to build strong, long-lasting relationships with my students. In fact, I began on this path toward a writing career because of the imprint each one of them has had on my spirit. What I didn’t know was what the Muse had in store for me as the children I still come into contact with today continue to inspire the stories I write.

My greatest loves are exploring nature and spending time with family and friends. Whether I’m splashing it up on the local reservoirs, rafting down the Poudre River with my husband, two boys, or helping to grow young minds in the classroom, I consider myself lucky to call Fort Collins, Colorado my home.